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Can’t Come to Terms with Cruelty

Last week my human went to the vet’s to buy food for us and ended up with heartache as well. On her way into the clinic, she met a kitty and his human mom. She said the kitty was a cutey (she’s a sucker for cute cats), and the human burst into tears. Someone had cut off Tiger’s ears and tail.

My human offered and Tiger and his mom let her hug them. Inside the vet clinic, everyone was distressed. Our human got our food, went back to her office and cried until no more tears would come. She talked to some pros about how they handle seeing cruelty and hatred regularly and did her best to carry the weight of this cruelty without burdening other humans. She hugged all of us that night, even the ones who don’t like to be hugged. If we would have let her, she would have had a big cuddlepile with all of us, the garden kitties  and Upstairs Human too.

Today we found out that our city police arrested one of two men who are suspected of torturing Tiger. The other man fled and may have gone to Mexico. I wish both men were behind bars, but I am glad they are out of my neighborhood. Tiger’s human now wonders what became of two other cats in her family. Like Tiger’s mom, our humans worry about what has happened to garden kitties who stopped coming to our house. We know that community cats go to lots of places to eat and find shelter, and we always thought they just didn’t pick our house. But now we will always wonder.

We did a happy/angry dance today when we read about the arrest on the front page of our local paper. When our media in Texas take animal cruelty seriously, we move forward. When our police take it seriously, we have a chance. I want to go to the trial and hiss at the defendant. I hope they prove the case against him and he goes to jail for a long time.

Animal cruelty with torture is a felony in Texas. Someone convicted of this crime can spend six months to two years in jail and be subject to a fine up to $10,000.

Some anipals on Twitter have offered to help Tiger’s humans take care of him if we can make the connection with the family. My human is working through the reporter to connect with Tiger’s human. I’ll keep you posted when I find out what we might be able to do.

Although everyone assures us Tiger will be all right, we are still struggling to understand how anyone could do such a thing.


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