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Kitten season

Robin and Upstairs Human helped their friend find help for a litter of kittens yesterday. These five tiny babies hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. Their mama had left them in a garage, thinking they were safe and she’d get back to them, I imagine. The weather has been awful, and really, you never know what might happen when a cat goes out to hunt. Anyway, they were mewing way up in the garage and that helped Robin’s friend find them up there. She was worried about the babies because they were cold, so she put them on a towel on a heating pad and gradually warmed them.

Robin had some kitten milk that she bought for me when I was really sick (I wouldn’t even sniff the stuff), so she hopped in the car to take it to her friend for the babies. Meanwhile, she called her friend who knows EVERYTHING about the animal community in our town. She made a stop by the pet shop, where supporters of getting a dog park were getting signatures on their petition and met a woman who rescues lots of animals. They got the name of someone in town who does lots of kitty rescuing and the idea to take the babies to PetSmart in San Marcos. The rescue groups are always there on Saturday and would probably be able to help.

By the time Robin got there with the kitten milk, the babies were feeling warm again and sleeping or moving around. Robin and her friend didn’t know how to teach the babies to drink from an eyedropper, and they decided that the quicker they got the babies to a knowlegeable human, the better chance they would have.

At Pet Smart, Robin’s friend found a nice human who has nursed kitten babies before, and those kittens stayed with her.

I don’t have pictures of the kittens because all the humans were too afraid to get attached to them. I do have a message for the humans who take care of us companion animals: spay and neuter your cats.


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Sunday Reading for Cats

Becket reading the newspaper   




Becket reading the newspaper


Reading the Sunday Express News with our human is one of our favorite activities of the week. Becket is the biggest news junkie, and the most effective reader. He reads every section. The rest of us have our favorite features in the newspaper. Karma is athletic and reads the sports section. Reggie’s a big eater, so he reads the Taste section on Wednesdays.

I focus my reading on pets.

Today, Cathy M. Rosenthal’s pet column tells the story of a San Antonio woman who braved 100-degree heat and walked more than a mile to take her dogs to the vet for neutering. The clinic staff, then, gave the woman and her two dogs a ride home. These people are really special in our area for their commitment to spay-neuter. Our local culture doesn’t support neutering companion animals, and we have many, many stray dogs and cats all over our region. You can imagine the disastrous result. Thanks to this responsible dog mom and to the clinic staff who helped her out, and to Cathy Rosenthal for telling everybody about it.

On a lighter note, Cathy Rosenthal’s column also reports on a study by Pet Plan which found that most pet staffers would rather be stranded on a desert island with their animal companions that with their human life partner.

If my human promises to keep hand feeding me kibbles, I will go anywhere with her. I hope we’ll have a computer on our island so I can follow Animal Matters, Cathy Rosenthal’s blog.

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