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Drum Roll, Please!

Gold Kimono

Here is the first view of the finale of the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief.

The wall hanging is about 18″ x 22.” The kimono is from Kona Bay Fabrics while applique elements were taken from complimentary fabrics and stitched with gold metallic thread. The surface is free motion quilted.

“The quilt as pictured is still in progress due to the excellent help at our house,” Wanda said. “The dark rust will be stipple quilted to give a flat surface, then bound with a contrasting fabric.”

@MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat are hard at work helping Mom make the sewing as beautiful as possible. Actually, even I  got to consult on one element of the quilt. (I think the samurai in the lower right corner is a nice touch.)

Friends, we will start the bidding for this amazing quilt at $25. This will be our last auction for this round, and no telling when we’ll have more art to auction to build another gift for animal relief, so I hope everyone will jump right in with a bid or a comment. We’ll be making a donation on behalf of EVERYONE who participates in our auctions, artists, supporters, bidders, commenters, retweeters, friends, pals…..

Thank you all for joining in this effort to lend our Paws for Japan.

Again, bids are placed by commenting on this post and offering your amount. Opening bid is $25. Please, increase bids in increments of $5 or $10. I’ll make the gift to World Vets for Japan Animal Relief as soon as we close out the auctions.

Bidding will be open until 10:59 CDT on April 11.


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Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2. uh oh, hee

doesn't-look-better-this-wayAs I promised, we have one more artwork to auction in this round! But the artist has run into a little bit of interference…… er….. I mean assistance.

@ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat want to make sure their mom does her BEST WORK on this quilt. You know, humans just can’t finish any project adequately without our help.

As soon as Parker and Maggie get out of the way….. er …….. get done helping their mom with her quilting, we will post the FINAL artwork of this round of art auctions for Japan.

it-stops-if-I-sit-on-itThanks to EVERYONE who has played a part in this fundraising effort to give a big gift to the animals and relief workers in Japan.

Keep alert tomorrow when we’ll announce the opening of the bidding for this cool quilt with metallic quilting on it. Sorry, the cat doesn’t come with the quilt.


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Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 6

Black and White Kitten. Found.

Black and White Kitten. Found.

Gray Cat. Found.
Gray Cat. Found.

@Isagold and @WallasEKat donated today’s art auction items. Wallas and Isa are anipals from Australia with big hearts and generosity in the face of disaster.

First, they bought these drawings of kitties who were found after last month’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Now, they are donating the drawings to help the relief effort for animals in Japan.

My human, Robin, drew these kitties from images on the Web of cats that people had taken in until their own guardians are able to find them again. Each one was posted separately in my first auction, but this time we’ll use the same method we did with WHSKR’s pendants. If you want to bid for the gray kitty, specify gray in your post. If you want to bid for the black and white kitty, specify black. You can bid for one or both!

The drawings are in archival ink on 5×7 bristol paper.

This will be the last auction this week. My human is preparing for a Compassion Art event in our town on Saturday. This the first festival of the arts here, and Robin is excited to be part of it and to have the opportunity to engage people in artistic meditation on compassion. Robin and the people who come to the event will be decorating paper fans and lanterns. We will definitely be ready to auction a new piece after #scifipawty. As readers of Kruse Kats blog know, MaggieTKat’s mom has more quilts in progress too, so you’ll be seeing them here when she’s ready. After today’s auction please visit CheshireK Loves … Where I have copies of my book, Robin has cards, and Wanda (Maggie’s mom) has lovely quilts. A lucky winner at #scifipawty will get a little shopping trip in the store. Proceeds from this store will go to the animal disaster relief fund we are building, including to the effort in Japan.

Remember to offer bids in increments of $5 by commenting on this post, and specify gray or black and white. The auction will be open until 11:59 p.m. ED on March 22

Let’s start the bidding for these drawings at $10 each. Good luck winning the auction of your choice!


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Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 5

tote side view

Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief: Day 5: Tote bag

Pals have been enjoying the auction so much that @Morriscat requested that we auction HIM! He even sent a permission note from his mom, NJ and his dad, Mr. L. We’ll go ahead with the art, but if someone is interested in bidding on Morris, please contact @nelliejean on Twitter.

Pals and their people have also been very generous in their bids and purchases at CheshireK Loves …. We have raised $158 for World Vets’ work in Japan so far in the auction and at the store. With bids currently totalling $90 on the open items from Day 3 and Day 4, by tomorrow, we’ll be well over $200 for World Vets and a whole bunch of happy pals, to boot.

Morris may be the only one who’s disappointed. His wanting to be auctioned really complicates things on Day 5, because lots of pals have seen pictures of @Boomiethecat IN today’s auction item, a lovely quilted totebag by Boomer’s mom. We have to remember that we are auctioning the TOTE BAG only!

Here’s the description of the bag (minus the cat!):

This tote bag is made from 100% cotton batik fabrics on the outside as well as the inside lining.  The interior of the bag has a small pocket and is finished with no exposed seams.   The bag measures 14″ (35cm) high and 19″  (48cm) side not including the straps.  It has been machine quilted using a rayon thread and features three flowers printed on a cotton lawn fabric on the front pocket.  It is machine washable and dryable.

The bag is really roomie. Big enough for Boomer!

bag interior

interior view of tote bag

Minimum bid for this item $30.00. Place your bid by leaving a comment on this post. Please bid in increments of $5 or $10. We’ll take bids for 24 hours, which means the auction will close at 11:59 EDT on March 21.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic participation in the Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief. I thank everyone who has supported Japan Animal Relief in any way for your generosity. I thank the artists and readers of Cheshire Kitten Loves Karma for your support for World Vets.

Good luck in Day 5’s auction!


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Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 4

Quilted bag

Quilted cosmetic bag: Day 3 of Auction for Japan Animal Relief

Last night, @Smokey8 won the auction for “Parasols for Japan.” Smokey and his human are doing as much as they can to support the fundraising efforts for Japan.

@PetietheCat and his mom posted the winning bid for Wanda and @MaggieTKat’s kimono quilt. I am purring congratulations, so I’m going to let the computer publish the lovely auction item for Day 4 all by itself. (It’s really ameowzing how computers can do that sort of thing!)

One of my favorite things about hosting this auction is getting to see the beautiful things the humans make before everybody else does, and this pretty quilted cosmetic bag by @Boomiethecat’s mom Connie Archambault is especially fun. If I had the bag here, I’d meow until one of the human’s unzipped the bag, and then I would sit in it. Every quilt needs gingery fur to be complete. Thank goodness Boomer is orange and so is @MaggieTKat’s brother Parker. I don’t know how I could have made it to St. Louis and Toronto to get the job done.

Connie is an excellent quilter, who owned her own quilt shop for 18 years. She made this bag out of cotton batik fabrics in varying shades of blue with two flower squares, a pansy and a passion flower.

“The flowers are from my garden and printed on fabric,” Connie said. This cosmetic bag has a full length zipper, measures 10″ (25cm) long by 4″ (10cm) high and 3.5″ (9cm) wide. It is machine quilted with variegated blue cotton thread and is washable.

Upstairs Human said i would not fit in this bag unless she folded me in half, but then I would be too wide anyway. Just as well. I would rather give it to my quilt-loving pals to bid on to help the relief work in Japan. And, later in the week we will be auctioning a BIGGER bag!

I can’t wait to show you more of the wonderful art these artists are making for Japan tomorrow.

The opening bid for this lovely, blue bag is $10. Please bid by making comments on this post in increments of $5 or $10. All of the proceeds (minus a little bit for postage) will be donated to World Vets, the Paws for Japan beneficiary. I hear that the Paws for Japan drive has already raised more than $34,000 for World Vets. Wow!

This auction will run 24 hours, closing March 20 at 11:59 EDT.

Let the bidding begin!


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Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 2

Kimono quilt wall hanging

Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief: Day 2: Wanda Kruse

Today we feature the first of several wonderful wall hangings by Wanda Kruse, @MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat’s human mom. She has been a member of a Japanese print fabric club for years and is appliqueing and quilting as fast as she can to get quilts ready for the Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief.

This one is about 18″ x 22″. As Maggie wrote on her Kruse Kats blog:

“This wallhanging that is almost ready (need to do the binding). It is made from a kimono print produced by Kona Bay. I used elements from other fabrics to add collage to the surface. I attached the collages with free motion using gold metallic Sulky thread. The quilting was done with either clear nylon or rayon thread. Email me if you want to know specifics or better colors.”

The auction for this lovely quilted wall hanging begins at midnight and will be open until 11:59 p.m. on 19 March. The highest bid in the comments at that time wins the quilt and we will donate the sum, minus postage costs, to World Vets.

The starting bid is $25. Please make your bids in multiples of $5 or $10.


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