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Help Us Help New Zealand Kitties, Pt. 2

Thank you to @Isagold for the winning bid on “Gray Cat. Found.” We applaud  her for her desire to help the SPCA care for animals affected by the earthquake last month in New Zealand!

*Huge round of booming applause*

Black and White Kitten. Found.

Black and White Kitten. Found.

We did promise to auction the fourth Christchurch Cats drawing as well. This one is “Black and White Kitten. Found.” My human really likes this drawing and the way it turned out a bit different as a Zazzle card.

This kitten was also looking for his human family on Trade Me. (More than 500 listings for lost and found pets on Trade me as of today.) He is so little that he fits in one human hand. We do so hope that this kitten, and all the other displaced pets, finds his human family soon. We also offer purrs of comfort and strength to those humans an pets whose lives are permanently shaken up by the earthquake.

More than anything, we wish the people and animals of New Zealand peace and safety in which to rebuild.

We are now ready to accept bids beginning at $20 on the drawing, in markers on 5×7 bristol paper, “Black and White Kitten. Found.” Please offer bids in increments of $5 by commenting on this post. The auction will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 3.

We will add up the royalties on Zazzle and the proceeds of the auctions and send them right off to the Canterbury (Christchurch) SPCA. I’ll update everyone how much we were able to donate because of your kind support of cat cards and art for Christchurch.


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Help Us Help Kitties in Christchurch, NZ, Pt. 1

Gray Cat. Found.

Gray Cat. Found.

The earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, separated this cat from his humans. He is safe with another human, but he looks so scared. That’s something that we have noticed in he eyes of all of the kitties who have just been through the earthquake and aftershocks. So many pets and human guardians have lost each other. So many people and animals hurt. So many buildings destroyed. We heard from @PollyPuss11, one of my anipals on Twitter, that it could cost more than $16 billion to rebuild the city. Oh my!

My human wanted to help out with the fundraising to care for pets injured and displaced by last week’s earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, so she started making pictures. She has drawn four cats who have been found and are looking for their human families on a website called Trade Me.

@Tildatoo, one of my Twitter pals, won “Seal Point Birman. Found.” and “Ginger Girl. Found.” at a fundraising pawty where pals overfulfilled a Chip In goal by contributing more than $2,000 (US) for the Christchurch SPCA. If you missed the pawty, you can get Christchurch Cats cards in my Zazzle store, and I’ll contribute the royalties to the SPCA, too.

During the pawty, my human drew two more displaced kitties. She asked me to put them up for auction here on my blog to see if we could contribute more to the fundraising for the earthquake recovery for pets in New Zealand.

Today, we’re going to start bidding for “Gray Cat. Found.” in comments on this posting. “Gray Cat Found” is a 5×7 drawing (Tombo and Copic markers on bristol paper). I’ll send the winner of the auction information on how to pay my human with PayPal. We will contribute all the money (less shipping costs, about $2 if in the US) to the Christchurch SPCA.

We’ll take bids for “Gray Cat. Found.” starting at $20 in increments of $5 until 11:59 (midnight) EST, Tuesday March 1.


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Can’t Come to Terms with Cruelty

Last week my human went to the vet’s to buy food for us and ended up with heartache as well. On her way into the clinic, she met a kitty and his human mom. She said the kitty was a cutey (she’s a sucker for cute cats), and the human burst into tears. Someone had cut off Tiger’s ears and tail.

My human offered and Tiger and his mom let her hug them. Inside the vet clinic, everyone was distressed. Our human got our food, went back to her office and cried until no more tears would come. She talked to some pros about how they handle seeing cruelty and hatred regularly and did her best to carry the weight of this cruelty without burdening other humans. She hugged all of us that night, even the ones who don’t like to be hugged. If we would have let her, she would have had a big cuddlepile with all of us, the garden kitties  and Upstairs Human too.

Today we found out that our city police arrested one of two men who are suspected of torturing Tiger. The other man fled and may have gone to Mexico. I wish both men were behind bars, but I am glad they are out of my neighborhood. Tiger’s human now wonders what became of two other cats in her family. Like Tiger’s mom, our humans worry about what has happened to garden kitties who stopped coming to our house. We know that community cats go to lots of places to eat and find shelter, and we always thought they just didn’t pick our house. But now we will always wonder.

We did a happy/angry dance today when we read about the arrest on the front page of our local paper. When our media in Texas take animal cruelty seriously, we move forward. When our police take it seriously, we have a chance. I want to go to the trial and hiss at the defendant. I hope they prove the case against him and he goes to jail for a long time.

Animal cruelty with torture is a felony in Texas. Someone convicted of this crime can spend six months to two years in jail and be subject to a fine up to $10,000.

Some anipals on Twitter have offered to help Tiger’s humans take care of him if we can make the connection with the family. My human is working through the reporter to connect with Tiger’s human. I’ll keep you posted when I find out what we might be able to do.

Although everyone assures us Tiger will be all right, we are still struggling to understand how anyone could do such a thing.


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My painting

I am an inspiration to artists the world over. Well, at least to one artist in Peru. Yulia Katkova.

When Robin saw the sketches of the painting in progress, it’s called Crazy Bottles 04, she really wanted me to have it. She asked Yulia, our friend on Twitter who lives in Lima, Peru, if the painting was for sale. She was really excited when Yulia said she would sell it to us.

The painting was so new that Yulia asked if she could wait till the paint dried before she sent it to us.

The painting came in the mail, all rolled up. We carefully unrolled it and took it to Pickett’s Fine Art and Frame Shop and had it restretched. Mr. Pickett was happy that he had a frame the right size because sometimes the paintings that come from other countries are different sizes that aren’t common here.

We’ve had the painting of me for quite a long time, but first I was scared of Reggie and then I was sick and I didn’t really get a good look at it before now. Now that I’m feeling a little more like myself, I checked it out. It smells funny, but that’s ok.

It looks like me with those crazy bottles.


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Honest Scrap Award

@angelicinsights on Twitter gave me the Honest Scrap Award about a week ago. As I understand this award, it’s for scrappy bloggers who let people really see who they are.  I’m grateful to Sue and Pippin for thinking of my human and me for this award, but it comes with CONDITIONS.

My human insisted that I approach the Honest Scrap Award thoughtfully, so I’ve been thinking all this time about who inspires me to allow myself to be in harmony with myself. (My human always overthinks things. I’d have posted right away if she hadn’t butted in.)

I’ll try to fulfill the two conditions of receiving the award: listing 10 honestly true things about me (I may share about my human also, hee hee hee), and passing the award on to 10 other bloggers. I could pass the Honest Scrap Award on to lots of my anipals, but I see that some of them have already received it, like my great bear pal Henry, and I want to share the love as widely as possible.

First, 10 things about me (and my human):

1. I weigh nine pounds and look orange in some light and more golden in other light.

2. My human was a natural blonde and dyed her hair red for a long time, so we match kind of.

3. I like natural toys better than the fancy toys my human buys me. Give me a pecan and I’m good for a week.

4. My human enjoys eating MUCH more than I do. Sometimes she holds my bowl for me so that I will stay focused to finish my meal.

5. I enjoy flowers. I sniff them, rub on them, eat them, and anything else I can do with them.

6. My human prefers hanging out with us to most other activities. She is unlikely to bond with anyone who doesn’t love animals. She communicates with us really well because she is open to communication that doesn’t rely on spoken or written language. We like to tell her what we think.

7. I growl at Belle every time I see her. Sometimes I whack her, but I don’t put a lot of force into it. I don’t know why I’m not fond of Belle. She is very pretty.

8.I have only lived here at this house, but my human has lived in lots of places and traveled to even more. The last place she went was India. This summer she’s going to Canada.

9. I followed Karma out the second-floor window once. We scared Upstairs Human, but we lived through the experience. I don’t pay as much attention to Karma now that I am getting bigger.

10. I love my human. I would not have made it in the street cat’s life and because of my human, I didn’t have to.

I would like to give Honest Scrap Award to:

1. http://angelicinsights.blogspot.com (back atcha!)

2. http://boriskitty.blogspot.com/ (Boris is a big kitty with a big heart. His people have big hearts, too.)

3. http://consciouscat.net/ (I love the post on meditating with your cat, and I love #purrs4peace)

4. http://web.me.com/javaspot/JavaTheCat/Meow.html (Java makes menus for pawpawties, and she profiled ME on her site.)

5. http://kittehboi.blogspot.com/ (Mr. Breeze and his sisfurs and his lady make me laugh. I’m not as brave as he is.)

6. http://boomerandteikas.blogspot.com/ (Boomer and Teika have a great mom.)

7. http://understandblue.blogspot.com/ (Generosity and creativity!)

8. @katieboocat is my best friend on Twitter. She doesn’t have a blog, but she’s a great microblogger and she promised never to jump on my head.)

9. http://orangecatblues.com/ (Is wise and creative, too.)

10. http://takethef.com/ (a photographer with a great love of kitties)

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Staying warm

Upstairs Human introduced me to a wonderful device: the heating pad. I curl up in her bed and the pad makes it warmer for me. I get in the bed when UH gets out, so the heating pad is usually off when I get on it, but this time UH turned it on low. It got a little hot, so I left.

Some sick kitties are too sick to get up when they get too hot, so humans should be careful when sharing their heating pads. A hot water bottle is probably a better idea. If you want to pamper a sick or older kitty, however, you can buy us a heated bed or a pad just for kitties. Heated cabins will keep outdoor kitties really warm, especially if your area is cold.

It pays to be careful, no matter what.


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Sunday Reading for Cats

Becket reading the newspaper   




Becket reading the newspaper


Reading the Sunday Express News with our human is one of our favorite activities of the week. Becket is the biggest news junkie, and the most effective reader. He reads every section. The rest of us have our favorite features in the newspaper. Karma is athletic and reads the sports section. Reggie’s a big eater, so he reads the Taste section on Wednesdays.

I focus my reading on pets.

Today, Cathy M. Rosenthal’s pet column tells the story of a San Antonio woman who braved 100-degree heat and walked more than a mile to take her dogs to the vet for neutering. The clinic staff, then, gave the woman and her two dogs a ride home. These people are really special in our area for their commitment to spay-neuter. Our local culture doesn’t support neutering companion animals, and we have many, many stray dogs and cats all over our region. You can imagine the disastrous result. Thanks to this responsible dog mom and to the clinic staff who helped her out, and to Cathy Rosenthal for telling everybody about it.

On a lighter note, Cathy Rosenthal’s column also reports on a study by Pet Plan which found that most pet staffers would rather be stranded on a desert island with their animal companions that with their human life partner.

If my human promises to keep hand feeding me kibbles, I will go anywhere with her. I hope we’ll have a computer on our island so I can follow Animal Matters, Cathy Rosenthal’s blog.

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