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We Went to Bark World Expo, Sort of….

barkworldFlat Nutmeg and Flat Me went along with Robin to Bark World Expo 2011 last weekend. Robin was really glad the flat pets went along with her because it helped some pals and their moms to recognize Robin. She met Romeo the Cat‘s mom over snackies at Hotel Indigo becasue Flat Me was along for the ride on Robin’s computer case.

She went to workshops about using Hootsuite and making appropriate legal plans for us if something happens to her.  (Did she set up a trust for us yet? NO. Get hopping! Geez.)

She really liked the keynote addresses by the founder of Dogster and Catster, Victoria Stilwell and Jelena Woehr of Yahoo! You can read my articles in the Anipal Times for an overview of the Expo and a special focus on Victoria Stilwell’s talk. If you don’t know about her, she’s on TV in 50 countries to promote positive reinforcement training for companion animals.

Most of all the sessions at Bark World, Robin enjoyed the keynote about making pitches and the opportunity we had to make some pitches the next day. She met with some companies that sponsor bloggers, and we hope we’ll have the opportunity to work with some of them to tell you about the cool things that social entrepreneurs are doing for pets.

ck-meggy-pankyWe are very glad that our Robin had fun hanging out with pals and their moms (mostly, although some doggie dads were there too). So many pals she met, like @EdnaAtNutro @AutmntheDoxie, @BigBoyBosco, @PepperPom, @BunnyJeanCook @Niqqi @CosmoHavanese and so many, many more nice doggies and people. No cats were in attendance, except we flat cats, of course. Don’t we look nice in the picture with Edna’s Panky (next to me) and Cheri?

We have the extra special pleasure of sharing a room with @tildatoo‘s mom. She is so nice! Prudence was the featured dog on Dogster right after Bark World, too!


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Response to Japan Earthquake

Maneki neko

Maneki neko with right paw raised for luck.

I just finished a story for the Anipal Times about animals in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I’m sure it will be the first of many. It was a hard story to write because the situation is developing rapidly, and the focus is on human safety and rescue first. In a crisis, stories are always shifting, and information on the toll the quake and tsunami have taken on animals will take some time to begin to filter out.

@DaneRay (who helped with the reporting) and I even found a few bits of encouraging and heartwarming news. I’m looking forward to reading @DaneRay’s follow-up stories in the AT.

The article has links to organizations in Japan and other countries (many in the US) that are working or planning recovery efforts. Most have an online fundraising page set up. I’ll be hosting another art auction for donations to help fund the recovery work for animals in Japan. The auction will feature quilts and drawings and other art by my human and the humans of some of my Twitter pals. We are hoping to start the first auction on Wednesday. I’ll post more information when the humans start finishing the artworks! Most of the art in this auction will be inspired by Japan. We are also thinking of starting an online art store to build up a fund for animal disaster relief donations. I’ll keep you all posted.


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