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BlogPaws Treats #2

The BlogPaws box gets a lot of attention. Reggie likes to sit on it.

We got a lot of toys from BlogPaws, too. First, Robin got some toys in her conference bag of goodies. Then, some of the exhibitors gave toys to participants who stopped by their booths. Finally, she entered a raffle in the Catification Lounge and won a pile of Modern Cat Studio toys.

Because Becket isn’t open to new tastes, Robin gave him the first toy. He played with it a little but then returned to our nip banana.

Nutmeg, however, loves the new toy! She added it to her playtime on the kitty condo. She was moving so fast that every single photo Robin took of her is BLURRY.

I got to play with one of the wool knots from Modern Cat. It’s pink and orange and a very fun toy. Note that I’m playing on my new nip pillow. I let Nutmeggy sit on it last night for a little while, but it’s MINE and I’m taking good care of it!

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BlogPaws Treats #1

Robin sent home a 33-pound box of goodies from BlogPaws, where generous sponsors and exhibitors shared samples with the pet bloggers. We have lots of food, toys and other supplies to try out in the coming weeks. And it will take weeks to try everything!

Nutmeggy got so full of herself while Robin was away, claiming to be in charge of the house. She continued with her bossy ways and jumped right in the BlogPaws treat box. She chose a packet of Natural Balance Platefulls Cod, Chicken, Sole & Shrimp Formula in Gravy. Meggy and Reggie were lick, lick, licking the packet where Meggy had punctured it with her teeth, so Robin opened it up for them and put some in bowls for each of them and for Becket as well. Becket ran away from the bowl, as he usually does with treats, and Karma enjoyed eating his portion. All three of them liked the food and the chicken formula they tried the next day.

Fancy Feast wins my vote for most creative packaging for their new Mornings recipe. Purina made the cute egg carton box to introduce the food at BlogPaws, and it will be sold in the usual 3-oz cans in the store.

The Garden Kitties got to taste the souffle with wild salmon, garden veggies and egg. As you see in the picture, they did not share this treat with the black and white kitty. In fact, they told him not to come in the shed at all this morning. He hung around and may have managed a bite or two of the leftovers, but I think those Garden Kitties enjoyed the unfamiliar flavors and gobbled up all they received.


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We Got Famous Today!

Hi! I’m Nutmeg and Cheshie promised a LONG TIME AGO that I could help with his blog. So, I’m helping NOW because he’s too modest to tell you all that we both got famous today!

Maybe it was only for a few seconds, but fame is fame, and if you ask me, having our tweets on a BIG SCREEN in TIMES SQUARE is big time fame.

We weren’t the only ones. A bunch of our friends had tweets up there too on the side of the theater where  “THE LION KING” is playing. Purina is behind our 15 seconds of fame. They’re having a promotion for people to tell the WHOLE WORLD why they are cat people.

Cheshie and I told little bits of Mom’s life story in our tweets. It was so cool to get the tweet back from @WeAreCatPeople with the picture of MY NAME on the big screen. Cheshie was so impressed that I got broadcast in Times Square that he wrote a tweet about why Mom is a catperson too. His is nice too.

You might not be able to read the tweets because the print is REALLY SMALL in the pictures, so I’ll tell you what we said. I said, “I’m a #catperson because cats have been my best friends all my life.” (Remember, I was talking for Mom.) Cheshie said, “I’m a #catperson because my big brother and big sister when I was born were Siamese cats!” (He was speaking for Mom, too.)

That’s right, our human is part of the eternal cat family. I guess I won’t give her up for Lent after all.


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We Went to Bark World Expo, Sort of….

barkworldFlat Nutmeg and Flat Me went along with Robin to Bark World Expo 2011 last weekend. Robin was really glad the flat pets went along with her because it helped some pals and their moms to recognize Robin. She met Romeo the Cat‘s mom over snackies at Hotel Indigo becasue Flat Me was along for the ride on Robin’s computer case.

She went to workshops about using Hootsuite and making appropriate legal plans for us if something happens to her.  (Did she set up a trust for us yet? NO. Get hopping! Geez.)

She really liked the keynote addresses by the founder of Dogster and Catster, Victoria Stilwell and Jelena Woehr of Yahoo! You can read my articles in the Anipal Times for an overview of the Expo and a special focus on Victoria Stilwell’s talk. If you don’t know about her, she’s on TV in 50 countries to promote positive reinforcement training for companion animals.

Most of all the sessions at Bark World, Robin enjoyed the keynote about making pitches and the opportunity we had to make some pitches the next day. She met with some companies that sponsor bloggers, and we hope we’ll have the opportunity to work with some of them to tell you about the cool things that social entrepreneurs are doing for pets.

ck-meggy-pankyWe are very glad that our Robin had fun hanging out with pals and their moms (mostly, although some doggie dads were there too). So many pals she met, like @EdnaAtNutro @AutmntheDoxie, @BigBoyBosco, @PepperPom, @BunnyJeanCook @Niqqi @CosmoHavanese and so many, many more nice doggies and people. No cats were in attendance, except we flat cats, of course. Don’t we look nice in the picture with Edna’s Panky (next to me) and Cheri?

We have the extra special pleasure of sharing a room with @tildatoo‘s mom. She is so nice! Prudence was the featured dog on Dogster right after Bark World, too!


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Nutmeggy Plans a Pounce

Nutmeggy Plans

My sisfur Nutmeg had a nice conversation today with animal communicator @angelicinsights, who communicates with animals and is an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Sue called us from California. Nutmeg got to talk to Sue because her eating habits worry Upstairs Human.

As some of you know, Nutmeg has developed quite an impressive belly for a nine-month-old kitten. She’s been to the vet to make sure she doesn’t have worms. The vet tested her for more serious things too, and told Robin, “She has …. fat.”

Robin tried to get her to cut back on her kibble intake and treats, but that just made Meggy eat anything she could find. Anywhere. She even tried to steal my treats from me when I was getting medicine in the Pill Pockets. One day last week I swatted her so I could keep my treat. She didn’t care. Meggy told Sue that the way to solve the conflicts over treats is to give her twice as many as she gives anyone else.

Meggy told Sue that she LOVES food. She loves everything about food. She loves her life at our house, where she gets to eat, curl up and nap, then play over and over again.

She also told Sue some other things. Like, she LOVES to sneak up on the rest of us and POUNCE.

Karma had better watch out.

*Art Auction Update*

Yes, we have more great art lined up for auctions this week. First up is the big surprise work by @Cokiethecat’s Mom Kristin. Be here Sunday April 3 at 8 pm CDT to see this cool print. The auction will run for 48 hours to give bidders a chance to warm up and get back in the swing of things. We will again give the proceeds from the bidding competitions to World Vets to help with their work in Japan.

You’ve got a day to get your bidding paws warmed up!


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Nutmeggy Loves to Play

I’m not sure I would have CHOSEN to invite a kitten into the house, but now that Nutmeg is getting a little older, I am having a lot of fun playing with her.

We play a lot, actually. Sometimes, I trick her a little while we are playing. I hide, meow to call her into the room and then pounce on her. Other times, we work together to beautify Upstairs Human’s sweatshirt shelf.

I can hear Nutmeg coming!

She’s pretty fast, so she’ll be here in no time. I’ll run over to the shelf and wait for her. She’s energetic. I like to get situated in a place where I’ll have an advantage.

I do a pretty good job of holding my ground, but Nutmeg gives me a good workout. It’s been a bit more than a year since I played with anyone this energetically. I think it’s helping me get back in shape.

Robin says that Nutmeggy takes it easy on me, but I don’t agree. Nutmeg is always telling people she wins all the games, too. They don’t give me enough credit.

Pals, I’ve got to come up with strategies to convince them that I’m a rough, tough mancat. What shall I do?


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Perfect for Boxing Day?

We got lots of gifts this Christmas! First, our humans came home safely from their road trip to New Mexico. We were so glad that predators didn’t get them when they were out in the desert!

Then our friend Boris Kitty sent us some great presents. We got a TailSpin and a whole bunch of squeaky mice. Boris also put my book on his list of the 10 best of 2010. I thank him heartily for his support. Boris is a great friend to us!

Our friend Katie Boo Cat sent us some salmon treats and we like those very much too.

Nutmeg got a new Undercover Mousie because she broke mine.
Cheshire in one of his favorite places in the attic
We were REALLY busy yesterday, so today I wanted a little peace and quiet in one of my favorite spots on the wardrobe in the attic. I’ll bet you can imagine how well that went with a kitten in the house.Nutmeg found him out

Did you know that the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day?

Although the holiday doesn’t really have anything to do with the sport of boxing, I told Nutmeg that it does.

Boxing Day

Cheshire and Nutmeg boxing


She's not so bad


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