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Thank You, Peeps

Karma sleeps

Our little cat family had a big event when this new cat rest appeared a little while ago. It just turned up in the kitchen one day after Robin had been OUT the day before. Petunia was the first to find it and give it a sold sniffing. Nutmeggy, Karma, Reggie and Becket all got their noses on it too. Everyone wanted to find out where this piece of furniture had been and who had used it before it ended up at our house.

Word is that Robin received it as a gift for helping her friend Carolyn have a garage sale. The previous owner of the cat rest is Peeps, an 18-year-old gray kitty that Robin has known for about half her life. Peeps and her buddy Chester, who is OTRB, had a really good time playing, scratching and sleeping here. Peeps is going to Chicago now, and she can’t take her furniture with her. She might even go to Egypt, where she really couldn’t take any furniture.

My brofurs and sisfurs are enjoying the cat rest. Everyone except Belle, who won’t come in past the kitchen, has had at least one good nap on it. Reggie stretches out and relaxes.

Karma has the best time with it. She sleeps on both levels and has a mousie with her (yes, the one that someone put in the toilet). She throws the mousie halfway across the house and the humans pick it up and bring it back to her. She has everyone wrapped around her paw.


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Karma paintingHi, everyone! Nutmeggy, Karma and I helped Robin paint today.Nutmeg likes to tear off the masking tape and chew it. I would rather wait for real treats. Karma is still  painting.

We are getting the winners’ addresses to the artists and receiving the donations. We have even received  another donation from @Pumpkinpuddy!

Thanks again to everybody for such a wonderful auction. I’m going to post more regularly now. No more binge and purge posting. My plan is to post twice a week. Probably will be Thursdays and Sundays. I hope I can get the human to cooperate.



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Nutmeggy Plans a Pounce

Nutmeggy Plans

My sisfur Nutmeg had a nice conversation today with animal communicator @angelicinsights, who communicates with animals and is an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Sue called us from California. Nutmeg got to talk to Sue because her eating habits worry Upstairs Human.

As some of you know, Nutmeg has developed quite an impressive belly for a nine-month-old kitten. She’s been to the vet to make sure she doesn’t have worms. The vet tested her for more serious things too, and told Robin, “She has …. fat.”

Robin tried to get her to cut back on her kibble intake and treats, but that just made Meggy eat anything she could find. Anywhere. She even tried to steal my treats from me when I was getting medicine in the Pill Pockets. One day last week I swatted her so I could keep my treat. She didn’t care. Meggy told Sue that the way to solve the conflicts over treats is to give her twice as many as she gives anyone else.

Meggy told Sue that she LOVES food. She loves everything about food. She loves her life at our house, where she gets to eat, curl up and nap, then play over and over again.

She also told Sue some other things. Like, she LOVES to sneak up on the rest of us and POUNCE.

Karma had better watch out.

*Art Auction Update*

Yes, we have more great art lined up for auctions this week. First up is the big surprise work by @Cokiethecat’s Mom Kristin. Be here Sunday April 3 at 8 pm CDT to see this cool print. The auction will run for 48 hours to give bidders a chance to warm up and get back in the swing of things. We will again give the proceeds from the bidding competitions to World Vets to help with their work in Japan.

You’ve got a day to get your bidding paws warmed up!


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Some stuff we did today

Reggie on the stoveReggie likes to wait for the humans on the stove. He greets UH from the back burner every morning. The first thing she said today was, “Is Reggie mad at me? I got up late.”

Lucky Reggie had already eaten his breakfast and was not the least bit annoyed.

Reggie should be more careful on the stove because Robin read that kitties don’t feel heat on our pads until 126 degrees, when we are already injured. Dr. Bruce Fogle wrote in The Cat’s Mind that he has been surprised that kitties don’t feel pain when standing in frying pans. I don’t particularly like Reggie, but I don’t want him to hurt himself.

Becket by the cabinetBecket hung out by the cabinets in the guest room (this room used to be mine until I moved upstairs). He likes to open the doors and let them slam shut, but he was just resting today.

Becket’s left back leg has been hurting for about a week. Today he started to walk with weight on it, so he didn’t get taken to the vet. I’m glad!

Petunia in the kitchenPetunia spent some time in the kitchen with Robin. Petunia is polite and does NOT get up on the counters or the stove. Petunia is also smart. Karma still menaces Petunia a lot, but not as much as when Petunia first came inside. Every now and then, these kitties tap noses, then Karma chases Petunia. Karma is incorrigible.

Cheshire Kitten on his rugBelle hid when Robin got out the camera, so you don’t get to see a picture of her today. Belle likes to hang out on the landing. A few days ago she decided that Robin gets to pet her. She has disliked Robin for eight years. I wonder what made her change her mind?

I got treats on my rug twice today. I let Robin hang out with me for quite a long time before I got distracted and went off to do something else.

Karma had the best gig going in our house today. Just wait till you see her!

Karma sleeping


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Becket Loves Karma, too

Becket and Karma are best of buddies. Becket was her foster mother, too, just like he was mine. Becket also taught her all the basics about fighting. They love each other very much.


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Bunny kicks and leaps

Karma does this to me sometimes. I’m glad the humans got us this toy.


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