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The Guadalupe Getaway

Thirty-FIVE dogs are getting ready for the long trip to New York and a second chance on life.

Their journey started with a thorough vet check. I want to share with you what Barbara Upper of Animal Rescue Foundation told my human and me just now

Today began as we thought it would: far too early and far too hot.  We met our vet teams under early clouds which made it look a bit cooler , but which quickly served to make our  work with the dogs extremely tropical.   Each of the travelers has been vetted, evaluated and prepped for the trip.  35 of them.  

The dogs did not know that they had become scientists, but their participation in a trial for vaccine development (they gave blood) also tested them for heart worms.  Most passed, and were gracious while being tested.  QBI in Seguin did this important service, and Bill Campaigne and staff [Seguin Animal Hospital] inoculated each of the dogs.  Pam [Burris] has photographed each one, and our records are nearly complete.

Snags on the delivery date and the RV rental will be resolved today as well, and we are visiting each vet in town to beg first aid supplies for the dogs.  Cage collection has begun, and we have had wonderful response for our pleas for monetary support.  We are not there yet, but well on the way!  

This is becoming a real endeavor, with real results.

A spinoff:  Seguin Animal Services will be able to move some of their dogs into fosters as we empty those kennels by taking occupants on the Getaway.   We did adopt one of the dogs unable to make the trip (HW+) into a great family in Seguin, so that make us feel even better as we wiped ourselves down with bleach and antibacterial soap.

We laughed a lot as well, a good sign as we will get to know each other very well in the next two weeks.

So the dogs are clear to go.  My home never looked as clean, felt as cool or smelled as wonderful as it did today.

You can read my article in The Anipal Times for more on this amazing story. If you want to help along the way with dog walking at rest stops, please get in touch with me or my human. If you want to donate, go to Animal Rescue Foundation’s website.


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Love for Japan Cats

We are thinking a lot about Japan today, one year after the huge earthquake and tsunami started to pummel the land and its inhabitants. People are still recovering, and they are still working for the displaced animals.

Japan Cat Network is one of the groups working to rescue and care for displaced animals. The situation has been particularly difficult for animals in the zone near the disabled nuclear power plant, where animal guardians have been unable to return for their pets and livestock. JCN is caring for lots of cats who made it out of the exclusion zone and whose families have not been able to return home. They opened a second facility near Fukushima to coordinate this work and continue education and TNR they had been doing for years before the crisis. They are having a big barbecue event today to remember and raise money to support care for the animals. Friends of Japan Cat Network, supporters in the US, helps with the fundraising too.

Cheshire hugsIf you can’t volunteer to help or send a donation, you can send good wishes and learn more about Japan’s cats just by watching your TV. Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats program visited JCN on a recent research trip to learn all about cat culture in Japan for a program that gives us an opportunity to remember those who perished and learn about recovery efforts for those who survived. The show aired last night (March 10); I hope you’ll be able to find it in circulation on Animal Planet.

We’ve got the program on DVR, and we’re going to watch it as soon as I finish hugging my human. Remember to love each other today and every day.


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After I posted about Sebastian and his family, we found out that another family had lost their home in the fire as well. CJ was hurt in the fire and his brofur passed away. Kathi, his human, got great care for CJ from the emergency vet, and now they’re both working to get back on their feet again.

CJ is healing and Kathi has started working again. He watched birds on Monday and was really hungry. A Tonk’s Tail has regular updates on his progress.

Robin drew a picture of CJ before the fire to send to Kathi, so she’ll have art to put on her wall when she gets a new house. I was showing my Twitter pals the picture, and @SeattleP had the GREAT IDEA that we could put CJ’s picture on a card. Robin agreed with the idea and sent the design to the printer right away.

We’re taking pre-orders for CJ cards and should be able to ship them by Monday. We’ll contribute all the proceeds to the  Kathi and CJ Fire Help fund.


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Fire Took My Friend’s Home Last Night

My Twitter friend @SeaBasscat, who blogs at Sebastian The Sensitive Soul; his dad and mom, @BoSoxAmy; and his Guinea pig sib, @DottieGP, lost their home to a big fire last night. Sebastian’s family is safe, but they don’t have an apartment anymore and they don’t have any of their stuff.

This awful fire in Sebastian’s apartment building reminded me of my very first days here at my house.

We had a fire three days after I moved in under the house here when I was a tiny kitten. Big men in big boots and smoke.

Becket and Belle were coming out of the smokey area upstairs, but UH went back in to put out the fire before it spread, and they followed her back in. She was on the 911 call while she did it, too. Thank goodness she was not hurt, the fire fighters came and made sure no fire had spread. Then, the humans had to find Belle and Becket, who were now hiding in the smokey upstairs. (Note to all cat readers: humans are not always smarter than we are, no matter how much they claim they are!)

I was still called “Under-the-House Kitten” and was about a month old. Robin was really worried that I had been squashed by a firefighter who was focused on the house and not looking for a tiny kitten. I didn’t show my face again for several days after all the noise and anxious feelings and smoke swirling around, but I was OK.

In the end, nobody in our house was hurt and insurance paid for cleaning and replacing the part of the house that burned. (Robin is reminding me that it paid for PART of the renovation and cleaning.) Insurance is great, but it doesn’t usually cover all of the material loss of a fire. Nothing can make up for lost sense of safety and comfort. This fire, actually, any fire, touches our hearts. We remember how our little fire unsettled everyone. We can’t even imagine how scared Sebastian and his family must have been and how long they will be smelling for smoke and listening for crackling fire.

I hope you will consider sharing, even a little bit, with Sebastian and his family to help them recover from the trauma of losing their home to a fire. I did.

NOTE: When I published this post, the Chip In! for “Seabasscat & Bosoxamy Fire Help Fund” had raised $900 already! My human can’t figure out how to embed the widget for the Chip In page and suspects that won’t let her anyway.

Photo credit goes to @BosoxAmy. The image is from @SeabassCat’s Twitter account and I apologize for not asking if I could use it. I hope they don’t mind.


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Auction Preparations In Full Swing

Painting by BorisKitty

Sneak Preview: BorisKitty introduced anipals to Paint for Cats.

The Art Auction for Joplin proceeds will go to the  Humane Society of Missouri. HSMO provides first response for animals in disasters around the state.

In response to the tornado in Joplin in May, HSMO sent a team of 23 people including veterinarians and others trained in animal rescue and sheltering. This team worked with local volunteers to rescue animals hurt by the tornado, keep them safe, reunite them with their human guardians and, if the humans can’t be found, to place the pets with new families. We salute the work and devotion to the welfare of animals and their humans of the first response teams and the HSMO in general. We’ll be donating all of the proceeds from this week’s art auction and this weekend’s sales at the art store to the HSMO.

Green Sea Turtle

Sneak Preview: Robin's Green Sea Turtle painting opens for bidding tonight at 11 p.m. CDT

This auction features paintings in ink, jewelry and a quilt. Bidding opens on the first artwork — an ink painting of a sea turtle by my human —  TONIGHT at 11 pm CDT and will continue through 11 pm CDT Friday. Meanwhile, we’ll be preparing works by @BorisKitty, who is new to the art scene, and the human companions of @GeorgeTheDuck and @MaggieTKat as well as a new work by @WHSKR.

We are also augmenting the inventory of the art store with more cards and jewelry. We’ve got quite a few certificate winners from PawPawty. We’d love to see you in the store this weekend!!!


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Praise for Philanthropic Pals

You guys are JUST THE BEES KNEES!!!!

In round two of the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief we raised $533 for World Vets. The donations we made in both rounds of auctions and some purchases in the store to $856. Thank you all so much for helping the people who are doing all they can to care for the animals in the devastated area of Northern Japan. It means so much to my human and me that we could all come together to share our gifts.

I must apologize for taking a whole month to get this report together. I hate to admit the reason for the delay because I’m a bit embarrassed. But I owe my great pals an explanation. I am having trouble getting to the computer because I can’t bring myself to walk past Belle.


Belle hangs out in the laundry basket waiting to pounce on me if I dare to pass by her.


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Drum Roll, Please!

Gold Kimono

Here is the first view of the finale of the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief.

The wall hanging is about 18″ x 22.” The kimono is from Kona Bay Fabrics while applique elements were taken from complimentary fabrics and stitched with gold metallic thread. The surface is free motion quilted.

“The quilt as pictured is still in progress due to the excellent help at our house,” Wanda said. “The dark rust will be stipple quilted to give a flat surface, then bound with a contrasting fabric.”

@MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat are hard at work helping Mom make the sewing as beautiful as possible. Actually, even I  got to consult on one element of the quilt. (I think the samurai in the lower right corner is a nice touch.)

Friends, we will start the bidding for this amazing quilt at $25. This will be our last auction for this round, and no telling when we’ll have more art to auction to build another gift for animal relief, so I hope everyone will jump right in with a bid or a comment. We’ll be making a donation on behalf of EVERYONE who participates in our auctions, artists, supporters, bidders, commenters, retweeters, friends, pals…..

Thank you all for joining in this effort to lend our Paws for Japan.

Again, bids are placed by commenting on this post and offering your amount. Opening bid is $25. Please, increase bids in increments of $5 or $10. I’ll make the gift to World Vets for Japan Animal Relief as soon as we close out the auctions.

Bidding will be open until 10:59 CDT on April 11.


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Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2. uh oh, hee

doesn't-look-better-this-wayAs I promised, we have one more artwork to auction in this round! But the artist has run into a little bit of interference…… er….. I mean assistance.

@ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat want to make sure their mom does her BEST WORK on this quilt. You know, humans just can’t finish any project adequately without our help.

As soon as Parker and Maggie get out of the way….. er …….. get done helping their mom with her quilting, we will post the FINAL artwork of this round of art auctions for Japan.

it-stops-if-I-sit-on-itThanks to EVERYONE who has played a part in this fundraising effort to give a big gift to the animals and relief workers in Japan.

Keep alert tomorrow when we’ll announce the opening of the bidding for this cool quilt with metallic quilting on it. Sorry, the cat doesn’t come with the quilt.


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Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2.0, Number 5

face-dollDay Five of round two in the art auction for Japan animal relief snuck up on me. Wow! We have only TWO more days in the auction.

My human has worked so much this week that she confused herself, so we cats have to really step up this weekend. One of the things she had to do is find out what’s bothering Huck the Garden Kitty’s face. He had some scrapes a couple weeks ago and then all of a sudden had scabs that looked pretty nasty. Huck likes to be petted, but he does NOT like to be held, let alone transported in a carrier. To deal with this challenge, Robin took a close-up picture of his face and dropped it off with our vet. A couple of hours later, the vet’s office called her and they’ve prescribed some ointment for Huck. Technology in service of a better life for community cats!

Technology also makes it possible for us to get together as a community and for our community to support others when they face crises like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We’re so grateful to everyone who participates in the art auctions. It’s so much fun to make a gift on behalf of everyone. Thanks for being our pals and for keeping the circle of gifts moving around the world.

Art Doll PinWe’re really excited about today’s artwork! Whskr from New Zealand has contributed a totally unique art doll pin, titled “The Power of Thought.” The doll has beaded hair and a brass face with a cotton body and is hand stuffed and decorated. The pin is 14.5cms, or 5 inches high.

Whskr specified that we begin with no minimum bid to allow everyone who wants to participate to join in the bidding. So, no minimum bid, no minimum raise. She does ask that the winning bidder add $4 for shipping costs.doll-back

We’ll keep the bidding open until 10: 59 CDT on April 9, which is a little longer than usual, but I didn’t get to posting until a little bit later than usual.

In addition to my human being a work whirlwind, she got up at about 4:30 this morning. I know that some of you probably do that every day, especially if you are cats.  I hope she gets up here with my treats before she falls asleep.

I hope everybody has fun with this auction for the cool art doll called, “The Power of Thought.” Remember, no minimum bid, no minimum raise, and comments encouraged in general!

Leave your bid in a comment. (Remember that Whskr has asked that the winning bidder add $4 for shipping costs.) All proceeds are donated to World Vets for relief operations in Japan.


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Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2.0, number 4

Bodhisattva handsThanks to everyone who is participating in the auctions! The artists are really excited about your comments and about the opportunity we have together to give more to the animals affected by the disaster in Japan.

Today, I offer some of my own human’s photos for readers to look at and even to bid on.

If I could brag for a minute, my human takes some really nice pictures. Her trip to India in 2009 was, pretty much, a contemplative photography odyssey. Robin and her friend spent more than two weeks in the Himalayas experiencing Buddhist monasteries. They both returned from the trip spiritually renewed. Robin has printed quite a few of the images and would like to share two of them with our auction crowd today.

First, an image of the hands of a bodhisattva. The root words in bodhisattva mean enlightened being in sanskrit. In essence, bodhisattvas are people who are motivated by pure compassion. They seek the end of suffering for all sentient beings, not just for themselves. The statue represented here is about three stories tall. The base is in the basement of the temple, the chest is about main-floor height, and he face is at the level of the second floor.

Mongoose of ProsperityThe area Robin visited, Ladakh, was part of the Mongol Empire a long time ago, and the tax collectors carried bags made of the skin of a mongoose. That’s how the mongoose spitting a jewel became a symbol of prosperity in this part of the world. The mongoose in this photo is part of a large wall painting at a monastery she visited.

Both images are 5×7, matted, and ready to frame. 

Now that readers are becoming expert bidders, this auction presents you a small complication to test your skills: we’ll take bids on each photo separately. If you want to bid on Bodhisattva Hands, indicate that in your comment. If you want to bid on Mongoose of Prosperity, indicate so in your comment. We’ll start the bids at $10 on each photo.

Remember, answering bids for each photo should increase by $5 or $10. Bidding will be open until 7:59 CDT on April 8. All bids received will be donated to World Vets for their relief efforts with animals in Japan.


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