BlogPaws Treats #2

The BlogPaws box gets a lot of attention. Reggie likes to sit on it.

We got a lot of toys from BlogPaws, too. First, Robin got some toys in her conference bag of goodies. Then, some of the exhibitors gave toys to participants who stopped by their booths. Finally, she entered a raffle in the Catification Lounge and won a pile of Modern Cat Studio toys.

Because Becket isn’t open to new tastes, Robin gave him the first toy. He played with it a little but then returned to our nip banana.

Nutmeg, however, loves the new toy! She added it to her playtime on the kitty condo. She was moving so fast that every single photo Robin took of her is BLURRY.

I got to play with one of the wool knots from Modern Cat. It’s pink and orange and a very fun toy. Note that I’m playing on my new nip pillow. I let Nutmeggy sit on it last night for a little while, but it’s MINE and I’m taking good care of it!


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  1. you got some great stuff and Modern Cat toys are the best!

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