Our Support for Okey’s Promise

CK surveys his territoryHi, guys!  Sorry I didn’t get to tell everybody right away how things turned out with our auction. (Our DSL was out for several days, for one thing!) Artists and supporters showed AMAZING support for Okey’s Promise and BZTAT’s passion to get people thinking more deeply about the connection between humans and animals with her artwork.

We raised $435 to pledge for the project! Hurray! Hurray! and THANK YOU.

Now I need to tell you about a twist in the project’s fundraising plan. Kickstarter.com only funds a project if it makes the goal. BZTAT had established an ambitious funding goal for the kick-off of Okey’s Promise and didn’t quite make it. OUR support for Okey’s Promise is strong and we’re TOTALLY behind the project. We don’t need Kickstarter to make our donation. BZTAT set up a page to raise funds on ChipIn!

MaggieTKat’s mom has already made our donation for $435 on ChipIn!. We are so grateful to everyone for participating in the auction and especially for BZTAT’s commitment to keep both animals and kids safe.


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