Surprise auction item for Okey’s Promise!!!

Ruthi ( @flicka47) a lover of animals, BZTAT and our art auctions just offered us a lovely BZTAT print! This surprise auction will give us two hours to bid, bid, bid and see how much extra money we can raise for Okey’s Promise!!!

This print of “A little house with freedom” is 1o.8×16,” but we aren’t sure what sort of paper. To see the description of the print, check out BZTAT’s page on imagekind to see the specs for “A little house with freedom.”

Opening bid is $10. Place your bids in multiples of 5, please, and work fast! You have only TWO HOURS to win the bid for this lovely print and help BZTAT fund her important public art message to raise awareness of the connection between animal abuse and domestic abuse.

Bids close on “A little house with freedom” at noon CDT.



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4 responses to “Surprise auction item for Okey’s Promise!!!

  1. cheshirek

    And the winner is LilyluwhoT!!!!! I’ll send you instructions.

  2. I’ll see your $15.00 and raise the bid to $20.00!

  3. That is such a lovely print- I bid $15

  4. What a pawsome print! Thanks to Ruthi & BZTAT for offering it to help raise money for Okey’s Promise! I bid $10.00!

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