Artists Gearing Up To Support Okey’s Promise Project


One of artist BZTAT's many images of Okey, spokescat for her cause to raise awareness about the connections between abuse of animals and humans.

Next weekend and the weekend after that I’m hosting a big art auction to support artists BZTAT’s new public art project to bring awareness to the importance of the animal human bond. Okey, a little cat who found her way into BZTAT’s heart and home last year, and BZTAT want everyone to understand that violence toward animals, children and other people in the home is all related, and they are planning to make some big, public art to remind the humans.

Okey’s Promise has a website that explains the project in detail and also provides links to serious information about animal, child and domestic abuse, such as this story from Paws: People Helping Animals. This story directs us to the research. BZTAT’s artwork will help us feel the connection in our hearts.

Here’s where we all come in. BZTAT need money to buy art supplies and pay for studio space as well as to help her devote her time to working on the project. She has started a fundraising campaign on, and by supporting this campaign, we can help her realize her dream of creating art that will stimulate dialog about the importance of making our homes safe for animals and humans. BZTAT needs to receive $6,000 in pledges for the Okey’s Promise Project by 4:02 p.m. EDT, on Monday September 26. That’s only 16 days from now.

My human pledged her support, and I bet her a bag of We Pity the Kitties salmon treats to do with as I please that I could top her pledge by getting my pals together to auction art for anipal pledges to the Kickstarter campaign. Anipal artists from all over, and BZTAT herself, have contributed art for two weekend auctions, coming up beginning September 15 and ending on September 25 (that’s the day before the pledge deadline!) Anipals and followers of my blog all know and love the artists whose work will be auctioned in support of Okey’s Promise. Plus, we’ll always have a link to Okey’s Kickstarter page, so you can pledge directly if you’re not in the market for your own personal art.

We want to help BZTAT make public art that will help lots and lots of people feel in their heart that, as BZTAT says, “We must treat our animals well, in addition to addressing the needs of children and others in need in the community.”

(And, we want me to win my bet with Robin so I get the box of salmon treats, too.)

Please, check back on Wednesday for a full lineup of the artists, photos of the works and a complete schedule of online auctions.


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  1. Make sure you check out our blog for the story behind the quilt!

    these are all very talented humans, so please, please, for those who have suffered from domestic abuse, help us fund this project!

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