Coping with the Heat


This has been a really hot, dry summer here in Texas. We’re lucky that our humans keep us cool and give us plenty of water to drink in the house. I get my best drinks right from the faucet actually.

The Garden Kitties, however, have to work a little harder to find drinks and cool off. Huck is the best at both. He likes to drink from the bird bath as well as from the dishes that are out in the yard, on the porch and in the shed. When he comes for supper, which comes at the hottest time of the day, he feels cool to the touch. Good work Huck! *whispers* Maybe you should share with Mystery and your sisfur, too.



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4 responses to “Coping with the Heat

  1. Hai Cheshie,
    U iz very tall mancat stretchin up there!
    My #BettyBlue drinks from the tap too, but I purrfer my glass bowl.
    We get hot weather in Straylia, but we haz winter neow.
    Isa xox

  2. Hiya CK, I heard Texas is having drought? Oh dear, water & keeping cool is even more important & I’m so glad you have the best kind – facet water!

    What are Garden Kittys? Kittys that live in the neighborhood? You so kind to let them drink from your birdie bath! XoX

  3. My boys love to drink from the faucet, too.
    Garden kitties know where is cool. And it’s a very cute photo 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for ttaking such good care of the Garden Kitties too. one has to feel really sorry for any anipals left outside with it’s so beastly hot. Stay cool friend. Thank Cat for A/C.

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