Karma paintingHi, everyone! Nutmeggy, Karma and I helped Robin paint today.Nutmeg likes to tear off the masking tape and chew it. I would rather wait for real treats. Karma is still  painting.

We are getting the winners’ addresses to the artists and receiving the donations. We have even received  another donation from @Pumpkinpuddy!

Thanks again to everybody for such a wonderful auction. I’m going to post more regularly now. No more binge and purge posting. My plan is to post twice a week. Probably will be Thursdays and Sundays. I hope I can get the human to cooperate.




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  1. I iz so glad dat da iron did not hit either of u. I would hab been so sad.

  2. That’s what we like to see – you putting those artistic paws to good use and painting. Your work looks bootiful too.

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