Everyone’s A Winner

ck-peppersWhat a HOT day in the Art Auction for Joplin! After incredibly active bidding, @EdnaATNutro came in with the winning bid not too long before the close. I don’t know if my human is going to be able to sleep after all of her jumping around. I took an extra tumble with the nip pillow to celebrate the wonderful feeling of everyone pitching in to help everyone pitch in to help!!! And to think that the final moments of the auction brought fireworks in the U.S. capital!

Overall, we have collected $475 to donate to the Humane Society of Missouri. @Mariodacat made a donation without bidding on any of the items (Thank you, Mario!!!) and @Smokey8 threw in a little extra when he sent in the donation. I am once again impressed by our community’s generosity and love of the arts. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way at all!

I especially want to thank the artists who created the pieces we auctioned in the last 5 days: my human, WHSKR, Boris Kitty, GeorgetheDuck’s Typist, Robyn Harton, and MaggieTKat’s mom Wanda (and the rest of the family too!).

Thanks also to those who placed the winning bids:

Amber Stubbs-Aydell on Green Sea Turtle

Angela_md on Steampunk pendant

Smokey Pino on Boris Kitty’s painting

Prudence on “Hope for Joplin”

EdnaAtNutro on “Helping Families. Anipal Rescue 2011”

It was a great Independence Day weekend because of everyone who made the artwork, looked at the artwork, commented on the artwork, bid on the artwork, bought the artwork…. I am taking some extra laps around my room and bunny kicking my chair to celebrate!



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3 responses to “Everyone’s A Winner

  1. Smokey Pino

    That was a great auction. Everything up for auction was a one of a kind work of art. Concatulations on such a wunnerful auction.

  2. Good job by you and all the artists. Congratulations to the winning bidders. YOu have some gorgeous pieces of art.

  3. You’re the mancat, CK. Concats everyone for a great auction!


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