Day 5: Happy Quilt-dependence Day!

Quilt closeupMy readers and pals are the best people I know! Saturday’s auction of Boris Kitty’s Paint-for-Cats painting was great fun! Boris even threw in a t-shirt for the winning bidder, @Smokey8. Smokey and his mom are huge supporters of anipal causes in general and of our art auctions in particular. Yet another winner among winners!

As I write on the afternoon of July 3, the bidding is still open on Hope for Joplin, the serene and powerful bracelet by @GeorgeTheDuck’s Typist. Thanks to everyone who has offered a comment or a bid on this lovely piece. When my human gets home from the benefit concert she’s going to tonight, I’ll let you know who the winning bidder is in this lively auction.

Day 5: Quilt-dependence Day!

Anipals help quilt
For the next 24 hours, we’ll have the opportunity to bid on a quilt by @MaggieTKat’s mom, Wanda, and her dad, Art, with help from Maggie and her brofur @ParkerSKat. The quilt is based on a Laurel Burch panel and is adorned with beautiful quilting and beading. Maggie has been keeping us up to date on the quilt’s progress, so I know a lot of pals are eager to see the finished product. I’m so glad I get to reveal such beauty!

Quilt closeupToday’s featured auction piece, “Helping families. Anipal Rescue 2011,” is a quilted walhanging Dimensions are 38.5 x 41″  The center panel is from the Laurel Burch collection featured by Clothworks Fabrics and celebrates the family. Mom, Dad, and young kits are depicted throughout the piece accompanied by Laurel’s distinctive flowers. The borders are coordinating Laurel Burch fabrics set in lilac batik and turquoise and are 100% cotton. The entire quilt is quilted in free motion by Wanda and then hand beaded with green, red, gold, and purple glass beads. The quilt is finished with a hand sewn binding and has a sleeve for hanging rods.
helpingParker has been a lot of help while Wanda was quilting. He made sure the quilt didn’t walk off the table. When he was taking pictures, he pointed out salient details. Both Maggie and Parker have left their fur of approval on the quilt and hope it goes to a good cat loving home. And I know someone will ask … no,  the kitty is not included in the package. Hee.
“Helping families. Anipal Rescue 2011,” is now open for your bids and will be open until 10:59 CDT, July 4. For those who are new to the Art Auction for Joplin, just post a comment and include your bid. That’s all it takes to show your appreciation for the work of the Humane Society of Missouri and get a chance to hang this lovely quilt on your own wall.
Starting bid is $25. See you at 11 pm tomorrow to announce the winning bidder and the results of the Art Auction for Joplin and to wish the U.S.A. a happy birthday…. and a quiet hurricane season.


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23 responses to “Day 5: Happy Quilt-dependence Day!

  1. Thank You to All who gave their time, effort, and artistry for a great cause! Each Art piece was beautiful as it came from the heart. 🙂

  2. cheshirek

    Bidding is now closed on “Helping families. Anipal Rescue 2011.” Wow! What an exciting auction!!!! Think of how much help we are going to provide to the Humane Society of Missouri’s disaster relief team!

    Thank you ALL for being such wonderful supporters of animals and humans in their time of great need! You are very special pals. We love every single one of you!

  3. Mom can up her bid to $250. I know it’s all going to a great cause.*tailwags* I’ve seen a previous quilt @MaggieTKat made for a raffle and I love and appreciate the detail it takes to make them special.

  4. It is a piece of art. You’ll be so happy with it.

  5. mom did the math, we can bid $225.00, it’s a piece of art!

  6. I’ll take the link, too. There’s no way I can outbid the current price, but I’d still like to donate something. Huzzah to everyone involved in the auction. You’re all pawsome! Congrats to whoever winds up with the winning bid. You’re getting an amazing quilt.

  7. Wish I could bid more on that quilt. But as second best I’d like to donate a little to the fund via pay pal – if you can email me or DM he the paypal link. What to do this in honor of the pals that donated their time to make the beautiful items for auction.

  8. that reely bootyful kwilt wee wud lyke too bid $200 – fank yew fur yur hard werks nd gud luck ebearywun

  9. Maggie

    If anyone wants closeups of the beading, let me know

  10. … we’d like to bid $150!

  11. This is exquisite! I wish we could bid on it. Concats to the winner

  12. Maggie

    Mom put her whole kitty soul into this!

  13. Woof! Cherie sez even tho there no kitties in the household here,she’d like for me to place a bid of $125 for this beautiful quilt!

  14. $75 fur the kittehs in ma howse, WeK xox

  15. It’s beautiful! Purrfection! $70 *paws crossed*

  16. Smokey Pino

    Gorgeous quilt and Amen and Amen to quiet hurricane season!

  17. angela_md


  18. angela_md

    Just gorgeous! $35!

  19. This is what I’ve been waiting for, so I’ll start the bidding! $25.

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