Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2. uh oh, hee

doesn't-look-better-this-wayAs I promised, we have one more artwork to auction in this round! But the artist has run into a little bit of interference…… er….. I mean assistance.

@ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat want to make sure their mom does her BEST WORK on this quilt. You know, humans just can’t finish any project adequately without our help.

As soon as Parker and Maggie get out of the way….. er …….. get done helping their mom with her quilting, we will post the FINAL artwork of this round of art auctions for Japan.

it-stops-if-I-sit-on-itThanks to EVERYONE who has played a part in this fundraising effort to give a big gift to the animals and relief workers in Japan.

Keep alert tomorrow when we’ll announce the opening of the bidding for this cool quilt with metallic quilting on it. Sorry, the cat doesn’t come with the quilt.



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2 responses to “Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2. uh oh, hee

  1. Haha! It is a shame how the humans rely on us cats for everything! Lovely pictures, great work, great cause and wonderful blog. Thank you for all that you all do!
    Hugs and purrs – xo

  2. Having Parker’s & Maggie’s help on the quilt will make it all that much more special. Can’t wait to see it.

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