Thank You Purrs to EVERYONE


This rabbit is at LEAST as chubby as Nutmeggy!

The first week of the Art Auction was amazing!!!! Generous pals donated art. Generous pals bought the art! One pal even tried to buy the art he already bought another time!

I’ll post later on today or tomorrow when my human has made the donation to World Vets from ALL OF US, artists, bidders, buyers, and every single one of you who read the blog posts or retweeted or made a nice comment about the art or the auction or anything at all!

We’ll have more auctions after #scifipawty, and I have the first piece lined up, from COKIE THE CAT.

I’m committed to continue to hold art auctions as long as disaster relief is needed for animals anywhere, so I guess I’ve found a job for life….

In the auction hiatus, please visit CheshireK Loves …where you can buy more handmade art and help build the fund for animal disaster relief.

Thank you all for making this auction possible and for your generous support of the artists and World Vets, and animals in crisis in Japan.


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4 responses to “Thank You Purrs to EVERYONE

  1. Yeah Cokes… whoever it waz must be a pretty desperate dude! MOL!

  2. You may very well have found your calling. We have incredible talent in the anipal community!

  3. LOL – Who tried to buy the same item twice?? Haha!

    We’re sure a funny bunch. Thank you for hosting this, CK!


  4. Boomie the cat

    It was fun participating and we plan to donate more in the future. Hugs to all supporters

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