Secret Santa Loves Me!

Biting inI got a package in the mail today from Secret Santa! I know it’s after Christmas, but Santa took extra special care with this one and MADE IT HIMSELF. I got so excited about my gift that I almost didn’t want to take my medicine, but I did. Then I bit right in to my present.

Santa was nice enough to send along a present for my human as well. She was wearing it when she took these pictures of me with my nip pillow with elephants on it. Her scarf has elephants on it also and matches my nip pillow exactly. I think Santa made the scarf too.

I love my pillowI am going to play with my nip pillow some more and then take a nap so I can stay up late to welcome 2011 at midnight.

Happy, Happy New year wishes to all of my anipals and their humans, and to all of the anipals and humans I haven’t met yet or don’t really know too well. I hope that everybody gets some of their wishes in 2011 and has lots of happiness even if they don’t.

I am very happyThank you all for being my friends.

I LOVE YOU, SECRET SANTA! Please, feel free to pet me next year when you stop by our house.



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5 responses to “Secret Santa Loves Me!

  1. purrxlots

    You really look like you are enjoying your gift. We’re all so lucky to have humans and furry family that love us.
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year !!!
    My furry family send lots of purrs and hugs and a woof from little Tinker.

  2. what great presents!! Nothing better than presents made from the heart! You are so lucky that you and your Mommy have matching presents!!

    Happy, healthy New Year to you!

  3. What a cool prezzie you received. There will be good drooling at your house! Happy New Year dear friend.

  4. indykitty

    Elephants for Christmas MOL! How funny. You look so happy!

  5. OMC!! What a great nip pillow, it’s so big and nippy!!!

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