Tiger’s New Toys

Our human went over to Tiger’s house today to take the cool gifts that @SeattleP sent for him. He loved the balls and mousies! His little boy put together the new carrier with a neat faux fur bed in the bottom and carried it over his shoulder, but when he asked Tiger to go in, he didn’t want to. I sure can’t blame him for that!

Tiger was eating when she got to his house. He pulled himself away from food to play with the new toys, but he kept going back to his bowls for more.

He’s in great spirits and his family are deeply grateful for everyone’s support.


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2 responses to “Tiger’s New Toys

  1. SeattleP

    It’s nice to see a comment from you Amber. It was terrible what those 2 guys did to him. I hope they will get what they deserve! It’s so wonderful of your community to give you support. Robin was very nice to take the gifts over to Tiger for me.

  2. Yes, he did not willingly go in the fabric carrier I used the other day either, but he did not complain once inside of it…Thank you for delivering the toys etc

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