Karma’s Scarf

Karma's solaceKarma loves her scarfKarma consoles herself with her purple scarf. Really, the scarf is lavender, but she says it’s purple. Upstairs Human had the scarf and put it in the pile to go to the domestic violence shelter thrift store, but Karma found it. She started sucking on it first. Then, she dragged it with her all over the house.

Upstairs Human thinks the scarf is silly and funny-looking, but Robin thinks Karma is cute when she sucks on and kneads her scarf. Karma is forever taking her scarf with her onto Robin’s bed.

Reggie tried the scarf a couple of times, and although he likes to knead, he didn’t glom onto the scarf like Karma did. Karma can be a bit aggressive, but the scarf brings out her softer spiritual side.

Karma’s eyes roll back when she blisses out with her scarf.

Maybe we all need a scarf.



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3 responses to “Karma’s Scarf

  1. cheshirek

    I will share my new bed, Katie. It is just as nice as Karma’s scarf.

  2. Katie Cat

    Perhaps I need a scarf or a blankie.

  3. Ohhh – Karma is so beautiful. Splotchy is like that with my blanket – it’s kind of sad how much he thinks it’s his momma.
    So cute when they do that though. 🙂


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