Nip Pillow and Ball

Upstairs Human makes these great nip pillows that we all love. They are the best toys EVER.

Everybody has a personal nip pillow. Petunia keeps hers on her desk. I have mine upstairs. Actually, I swiped this one from Belle.

My humans didn’t know how I would respond to catnip while I’m convalescing. The nip pillow doesn’t make me cough or sneeze, so they decided I could play with the pillow.

We think other kitties would like nip pillows. If she makes more for us, we promise to share.

I’m also really enjoying playing with the cool orange ball I got from my friend Henry, who is my best bear friend on Twitter. I like to carry the orange ball around in my mouth, but Robin hasn’t been able to capture that with the camera. I might never let her get that shot. hee hee hee



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2 responses to “Nip Pillow and Ball

  1. you look like you really love the nip pillow.

  2. You keep Robin on her toes!!

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