My dad and Alice

I think my dad is a screen star. At least, I think he’s in Alice in Wonderland. I’m doing everything I can to check the resemblance from afar, that’s why I’m blue here.

I want to see if I look like the Cheshire Cat when I’m BLUE.

My humans said the Cheshire Cat helps Alice a lot and he tries to save her arm from pain, but she turns him down. The Cheshire Cat carries out all sorts of useful missions in the movie, and he is really BLUE.

How do I look in blue??? I hope my dad is proud. He was so kind to Alice and the other people.

By the way, you can see a little clip with the Cheshire Cat in it on youtube.



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6 responses to “My dad and Alice

  1. i think i like you better in orange my furriend.

  2. MedusaJ

    Hmmmm blue *strokes chin* You look good but I like the orangeness of your usual look.

    Have you seen the new film yet?

  3. he he- dat’s an interesting twist on Alice In Wonderland. I love you just the way you are sweetie.

  4. I like you just the way you are my friend!

  5. cheshirek

    My dad’s blue is a different shade. That’s true. I love your feedback, Katie!

  6. Katie Cat

    I like blue. And I like you. But, I don’t know if I like you in blue.

    (perhaps this is more Seuss than Carroll)

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