Henry sent me a PRIZE

I won the first prize I’ve ever won at the pawpawty on Twitter last week. My lovely friend @Henryandfriends had donated the prize. He sent it really fast, and it arrived today, all the way from LONDON. I got a wonderful picture of Henry having dinner, a huge mousie and a tiny mousie, and a ball. Henry is so sweet that he also sent a cool bag for Robin. Karma helped me open the packages, but I didn’t let her steal my toys. I might share with her later.

THANK YOU, HENRY, for our great prize, and just for being YOU.



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3 responses to “Henry sent me a PRIZE

  1. Katie Cat

    Wow! That is a really huge mousie! And you POUNCED on all of it! Is the Union Jack on the bag that Henry sent for Robin? Henry is truly a wonderful soul.

  2. Dat looks like a beary pawsum pwize Henry sended u. I bets it will be awhile afore u shares it tho.

    I would no shares it wif ma sisfurs.

    u a nicer kitteh den me…MOL

  3. Henry is such a great little bear!!

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