Staying warm

Upstairs Human introduced me to a wonderful device: the heating pad. I curl up in her bed and the pad makes it warmer for me. I get in the bed when UH gets out, so the heating pad is usually off when I get on it, but this time UH turned it on low. It got a little hot, so I left.

Some sick kitties are too sick to get up when they get too hot, so humans should be careful when sharing their heating pads. A hot water bottle is probably a better idea. If you want to pamper a sick or older kitty, however, you can buy us a heated bed or a pad just for kitties. Heated cabins will keep outdoor kitties really warm, especially if your area is cold.

It pays to be careful, no matter what.



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2 responses to “Staying warm

  1. That is a very good message my friend, my human will remember it if she gets us an electric blankie (she was thinking about it)

  2. Katie Cat

    After Annie had her tummy surgery, The Girl tried to get her to lay on a very heating pad and a hot water bottle. She wanted nothing to do with either. I curl up with The Girl if she is laying on her heating pad. She’s much warmer that way!

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