Feeling well enough to play

I love to play on the red chair and to play with the rug. Usually I play by myself, but today my human followed me around with the video camera again. After I played RUG, I headed over to our little altar, where I eventually found the body of the mouse who came into our house yesterday. Karma had respect for the mouse although she couldn’t resist her cat nature. The video includes only the playing part.



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3 responses to “Feeling well enough to play

  1. cheshirek

    I planned it that way, Katie. Of course, I did! hee hee hee

  2. Katie Cat

    You do look like you are feeling so much better! I love how you are sitting so calmly next to the rug after you are done. It’s almost like a dismount at the end of a floor exercise.

  3. Good job buddy!!!! You keep on killing, that’ll help you feel better!!!

    (OMC you look SO CUTE… that was from the humans)

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