Reggie Relaxing

ReggieMy Anipals know that Reggie and I don’t get along well at all and that Reggie is on edge a lot of the time.

Sometimes he doesn’t feel well. The vet has treated him for nausea — he was in a STUDY even — and we all have new food because, maybe, our old food didn’t agree with Reggie.

Reggie has even been in the #pawcircle on twitter.

For the last few days Reggie has been having Rescue Remedy in his water dish. (He has his own little dish and he begs for refills!)

I don’t know if Rescue Remedy did this, but something relaxed him a LOT. We have never seen this view of Reggie’s tummy before.



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2 responses to “Reggie Relaxing

  1. Ihavecat

    oh my goodness sooo cute! i love the way his front paw paws look! i hope Reggie is doing okay!
    T, Kip and Petey

  2. Katie Cat

    That’s amazing! Perhaps The Girl should give the Rescue Remedy another shot! If it can fix Reggie, it can SURELY fix her!

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