Sunday Morning Mayhem

The humans tried to hide oregano on top of the refrigerator, but I found it.

Cheshire Kitten on the fridge

While I was hanging out on the fridge, I missed everything.

Karma helped Upstairs Human open a box that appeared here yesterday.

Karma Helps

Karma wanted to keep the box for herself, 

Karma in the holiday box

but Becket took an interest in the project.

Karma and Becket

Both kitties had a great time with the tissue paper.

Becket loves tissue paper, but he only rarely gets to play with it.
Karma and Becket unpack

Karma loves tissue paper in a different way.

Karma Eats Tissue

Belle didn’t care about the box.

Kitties after box opening

Karma chased Petunia, so Petunia  found something else to do.

Petunia next to the doll house

Becket hung out with Reggie after Upstairs Human put the box away.

Reggie and Becket rest

They all tire me out.

Cheshire Kitten in his white bed


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One response to “Sunday Morning Mayhem

  1. Katie Cat

    Goodness! You had a very busy morning!

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