Beware angels and devils (Yup, both of them!)

I am a Halloween kitty angel. My friend Mr. Breeze (@kittehboi) is a Halloween vampire kitty, but he makes a really good little devil. Edgar Kitty has to decide which way to turn. 

Edgar is Boris Kitty’s friend (I have a link to Boris’s bloggy!), and Boris posted this picture on Twitpic during the amazing Halloween pawpawty, when we shattered all goals for fundraising for the pretty Persian and Himalayan kitties who get help from Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue in California (and elsewhere). If you buy the poster or any of the other pawpawty merchandise on Zazzle, all the money goes to PHCR, too.  FURPOWER is amazing.

In case you were wondering, Edgar, treats are NOT prohibited in heaven.


Cheshire Kitten, Mr. Breeze and Edgar



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2 responses to “Beware angels and devils (Yup, both of them!)

  1. The three of you are so cute together. purrs

  2. Come to the Dark Side. We have BETTER treats.

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