We’ve got Herbs

In addition to my responsibilities for bringing home the kibble and keeping the house free of insects, I have a new job: I am head inspector of oregano.

Head Inspector

Head Inspector

At first we just sniffed the fragrant leaves and flowers. Well, it’s true that Becket tried to eat some of them, but mostly we sniffed. Then Robin realized that she could put us to work — again.
Karma and Cheshire inspect oregano

Karma and Cheshire inspect oregano

Karma and I climbed right into the work, but we quickly realized that all these leaves would overwhelm us if we didn’t get help. We called Becket, and while he was aprehensive at first, he got excited about the task.
Inspector Becket at work

Inspector Becket at work

If Robin gives you fresh or dried oregano, you know we have inspected it for quality. We didn’t have any of those little pieces of paper with an inspector number, but we have photographic proof.

Later, we got a catnip reward, but we are keeping those photos to ourselves.


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