Please help me decide!

I am working on my book and having trouble deciding which photo to put on the cover.

What do you think? Please leave me a comment!


Karma wants me to play with the yarn


I resist Karma's attempts to lead me astray.



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8 responses to “Please help me decide!

  1. Sara

    Definitely the second! So much easier to see the face!

  2. j bisha

    I think they are both cute. Guess it is going to have to be the author’s decision. Life is just full of sooooooooo many decisions.

    • Anjali Kalani

      I agree with your mom, Robin. They are both cute! I like how the focus is on Cheshire Kitten in the second pic, but the first pic with the ball of yarn is adorable, too. It’s a tough choice. But since you know the content of the book, I think you are in the best position to make a decision.

  3. We found you on Twitter and are looking forward to being friends! And we like the second photo best – very soulful.

    CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
    Artsy Catsy
    & the cat staff

  4. Rebecca

    I like the one on the right – your eyes are beautiful.

  5. Spook & Freak

    We like the second one. The piercing stare really caught our eyes.

  6. LeAnn

    I like the second one better. I didn’t understand want was going on in the first one until I looked at it for a bit. You look great in the photos!

  7. Rosie, MoMo and Budgie

    We like the first one better for the book although you look really cute in the second one (Bronte refuses to comment because she thinks this is not dignified).
    The book is about both of you, and about you finding yourself, so it’s great that you are kinda fuzzy and ill-defined in the picture, and there is a hint of Karma looming large in your life (that was Budgie- she thought the silhouette of the cat menacing!)
    We think it is awesome that you are trying to publish. We do not have ay money to send, however.

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